About Me

I began as an English Major in January of 2014 with little to no knowledge about how the system works. I can’t say that I’m better off now, but I can at least claim to be more “well read” than I was at the beginning. This website is a “personal academic website”, though I’m not sure if I’ll use it the way other academics do. I have an interest in sharing ideas as far and wide as I can. Any research paper that I deem worthy of posting will find its way here. Papers that my students write that I enjoy will also find a home here.

I love to write fiction, though up until now I’ve struggled to find the right word for exactly what it is that I write. I think ‘middle grade children’s lit’ is a good genre tag. If I publish a new work in the Psycholypto series, I’ll be sure to post it. So far I’ve self-published one book of no consequence: Ridley’s Letter. Two books are on the way this year: Child of Sorrows & Ridley’s Voyage.

My primary research interests have been almost exclusively Harry Potter (hence the name ‘gryffscholar’; I am an unapologetic Gryffindor), though I branch out to the Victorian Era and Video Games.

I’m happily married to the most intelligent amateur Friends scholar in the world.

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Bachelor of Arts (Literature): University of North Alabama, 2015

Master of Arts (Literature): University of North Alabama, 2018

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